As a photographer I am an advocate of those “posed, boring family photo shoot”( well an abridged version of them anyway.) I try to stay away from the “say cheese “, and try to shoot more natural moments during my shoots.

However, there are so many everyday moments, memories that ¬†we miss if we only take “the holiday photos.” Here are some shots of the girls learning how to swim last summer


To get a shot like this, YOU CAN NEVER LOOK AWAY, NEVER USE THE BATHROOM, NEVER BLINK….. just kidding, relax, breathe and just pay attention to the details. The swim coach makes the kids do at least 3 laps, each time a child came back to the wall (starting point) he gave the kids a hi five. Now swim class was 4 days for 2 weeks and I made up my mind if I missed something one day I would look out for that moment another day!


This activity is pur-fect, it is outdoor so half your work is done for you by God and mother nature, YOU HAVE AMAZING LIGHTING! What I am saying is, when in doubt, get everyone outdoor and grab the camera on your way out.

DSC_4488 B High

Secondly, you are getting real life moments, not posed moments, you are seeing natural smiles, cries and whatever else may happen. Enjoy capturing those precious life moments, one photograph at a time!


Have fun, live life to the fullest, enjoy your children, Praise God everyday and feel free to email me at or stop by my facebook page Alice Deen Photography with responses, questions or just to say hi!